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 An Epic Poem

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Darcey Anne

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PostAn Epic Poem

Ode to the Bitter Goose Lodge,
Ode to Our Friends in John Denver

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† by Daniel C. Bertrand and Darcey Anne

A soft morning mist comes from the mountains
It rolls over the lush, expansive, grassy ground
All of the guitars and all of the sweet voices
Singing John's poignant, melodious songs
Raised together in joyful noise and sound
Wine, caring, laughter and love overflowing
All of my wonderful friends gathered around
This place it cures us all and makes us well
This little slice of Heaven on Earth, this BGL.

The embers burn, flames grow higher
Around many a wood stoked camp fire
Joining in music, song and conversation
As we all sit till the wee morning hours
Creating beautiful, etched remembrances
Good memories that will forever be ours.

In the mountains of dearest Pennsylvania
Up away from the city and away from it all
We are drawn together by our love for John
Following his oh so gentle spirit's beacon call
Though many of us live miles and miles apart
Brought together in his name and in one heart.

Enjoying walks together down our own country road
Leaning on each otherís friendship, sharing any load
Working as one group, preparing our meals together
Sitting down to eat as one family, under God's grace
Stormy skies or shining sun, no matter the weather
Once an 18th century barn, such a beautiful place.

Morning serenade to the tree lined mountains green
From rousing sing-alongs to love songs so very serene
Bass and rhythm guitar chords, gentle sound of mandolin
And before too long, all of our voices together blending in
With a harmonica in hand and other percussions along
This gathering of some is abuzz with music and song.

Toasting marshmallows at night and roasting hotdogs
While sitting on lawn chairs or benches made from logs
Pancakes shaped like BGL or cooking burgers on the grill
Sustenance for the body, heart and soul, all meant to fill
Our mind, ourselves and all of our needs, it makes us chill
We are all at peace, good times for us in an air of good will
Hundreds of pictures taken to record each magical moment
Time flies way too quickly, every joyful minute that is spent.

A blessed union took place at this gloriously serene spot
Where the sparks first caught and then love did bloom
Amidst so many friends and family whom they love a lot
Happiness, exuberance, joy and love filling every single room
When the smiling bride came down the steps the sun did shine
After vows set to music, the judge asked will thou take thine.

Seven private rooms all so comfortable in which to stay
Bright rays shining through windows to welcome the day
There is plenty of nice bear hugs around to get and to give
No cares at all in the world up here, oh what a way to live
From one in his teens to those in their 60's, a variety of age
Exploring John Denver songbooks at every turn of the page.

One pretty little pavilion, with white sides and a plank floor
Overlooking a man made pond with fish, frogs and much more
A beautiful deck built out back, oh what a brilliant gazing view
A cute wooden goose sits on the front porch welcoming you
Four cozy cabins furnished out back in case there is a need
A fully serviceable kitchen in the lodge to help with the feed.

A pleasant road trip down to Raystown Lake in the midday
Visiting and tending to a tree planted in John's memory
Then to an amphitheater where many tribute artists play
Onto a nearby town, a local craft show, people's treasury
Back up to the Bitter Goose, a fire pit already it's all ablaze
Sipping on brandy, catching up, as the day turns to haze.

Sometimes visits or pictures with puppet John
Seen a rabbit in the bush, never deer or fawn
As I stroll, I see breathtaking scenic shots all
An old fiddle and bow mounted up on the wall
Later as music grows some can't help but dance
Much fun had, sparkling eyes, seen at first glance.

Carefully lighting a pile of firewood with a magnifying glass
Tons and tons of whipped cream for wars, think we'll pass
Very fun jam sessions impromptu set out on the front porch
A dug up tree stump added to the burn and who needs a torch
Enjoying the afternoon warmth while playing some corn hole
Lengthy late night talks sharing more heart and more soul
Chats at the table with cheese, crackers, nothing planned
Lively jaunts outside in the rain with umbrellas in hand.

Hiking 'Trough Creek' trails that we like oh so very much
Under the hanging rock, with only a single solitary touch
Cascading waterfalls and a magnificent flowing river bed
Crossing a long suspension bridge, looking straight ahead
Winding paths and rock formed steps, watch each foothold
Going down a far narrow trek to find an ice cave oh so cold.

Homemade pumpkin bread, yummy and so sweet
Chocolate pretzel bars, a great and delicious treat
Excellent turkey stew, a secret ingredient for spice
Two antipastos, stealing olives and cheese, not nice
Meatballs and sauce, chili, all foods you can imagine
Once the cooking is finally done, let the feasts begin.

My first year there was eleven of us, now with 23 so much more
On one excursion there we watched a majestic eagle fly and soar
The fuel for all of our pow wows, all that we needed, cord by cord
We are joined together with each and every musical note and word
As the crescendo rises up to the ceiling rafters so very high above
Our oasis, this home away from home, reverberates with love.

5am, toasting a first anniversary and each missing friend
All needing to make the weekend last not wanting it to end
Catching a bright golden yellow sunrise, by the coals still red
Birds in the walls, a flying squirrel that is peeking up overhead
Gentle harmony existing, John's legacy in oh so many, many ways
The kinship that we share has grown into family and fills the days.

Old and new friends alike, all fit as part of this theme, this scheme
Hours pass by ever so quick in sleep with many a pleasant dream
Talking over the breakfast table with many more tales to extol
Playing mostly JD, some country, some old time rock and roll
Group photos taken at dinner by the bar by the deck outside
Remembering an angelic retreat, from all our stress we hide.

Fireworks and sparklers enjoyed late on a hill top so high
To join with the stars lighting up the pitch black night sky
An Indian fire dance by the pit, will it work, do you think
With me pulling kitchen clean up duty by the double sink
Out back the smiling faces waving down as I snap a shot
A song dedication makes me glad touches my heart a lot.

It all commenced with a drawing of John done in Rome
The recipient, I graduated with her sister from back home
Reconnected and some phone calls found me a new friend
I was invited to the first lodge getaway I was ever to attend
A steep drive, some kindling lit as we walked in the front door
I met all and felt instantly a part having never been seen before.

From seeing, up at the gate, the Bitter Goose Lodge sign
With good Friday night snacks to a Sunday dinner divine
Early mornings and late nights, a recording of two CD's
Strumming some strings, rustic haven in the big trees
My mind thinks of this refuge, off of the beaten track
In his spirit, with those I love, so longing to be back
Please God, do watch over all of our dearest JD family
A blessed harbor for our souls, may the BGL always be.

C. 04-30-16


~Daniel and Darcey Anne~

This poem is in dedication to everyone who has ever attended the BGL weekend.† This was written with me doing more editing than writing.† I did make word changes and worked with meter to keep the lines close in length from one to the next line.† I added lines when they needed adding and it felt good for once to be the secondary writer.††

Artwork in ink pen drawn by Daniel C. Bertrand

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An Epic Poem :: Comments

Re: An Epic Poem
Post on Mon Jun 13, 2016 9:18 am by Sunny
Lovely, Darcy!
Re: An Epic Poem
Post on Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:28 pm by clouddancer
Darcey Anne!!!

Don't know how I missed this!!!† It's there such a place in Pa???
Re: An Epic Poem
Post on Sat Jul 09, 2016 2:45 am by Darcey Anne
The Bitter Goose Lodge is close to Altoona, PA.
Re: An Epic Poem
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An Epic Poem

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