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 Santa came to my house

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Darcey Anne

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PostSanta came to my house

Hi everyone!!  Happy New Year!!

Santa brought me a gift in the way of a blank book.  The idea is to use the words given along with the theme to create a one shot short story.  A one shot short story is a story done in one page. I wrote a couple of fanfic short stories that way.  I've not used the book yet, but I plan on seeing what I can do.  Once I'm able to write one, I can post it here for everyone to read.


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Santa came to my house :: Comments

Re: Santa came to my house
Post on Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:54 pm by clouddancer
Is it done yet???
Down on the Farm: a one shot short story
Post on Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:24 pm by Darcey Anne
Down on the Farm: a one shot short story
by DarceyAnne

....Today on the farm, Adelaide is helping her family. Near the back of the farm, away
from the farmhouse and away from the working animals, papa and his friends built a
large room with a roof that they are turning into a petting zoo. Papa says all of the
money we earn from this venture will help support our farm. He said it is in unbound
investment. I'm not sure what Papa means by that.

....On one wall, there are cages for smaller animals such as hedgehogs and hamsters.
On one corner there is a reading area containing a large bookshelf with many children's
animal books. There is a round table and four chairs. There are wooden pens in the
center of the room. All of these have hay put down with each one having a water and
feeding trough. In one of these pens there is a handsome piglet named Fred and his
mama Josephine.

....Until the room is completely finished, this mini zoo will only be open on weekends.
In the Spring, mama is going to run a camp for farm children to learn about the care
and feeding of smaller farm animals. Papa says I can help mama so long as I don't
annoy her. I get to help make the food for the animals with plenty of vitamins in a
cocktail we put into their water.

....My grandma taught me how to make quilts and do knitting. Mama says I can teach
a few classes in the Summer soon as I get in more practice. I do sewing and knitting
every day after school once my chores are done. I think we are going to do well with
this zoo or my name isn't the immortal Adelaide Farmington.

~The End~

The directions said write a story that takes place in one room, using the following words:
petting zoo, handsome, unbound, annoy, weekend, invest, immortal, piglet, cocktail and camp.

Re: Santa came to my house
Post on Fri Jan 20, 2017 11:37 pm by clouddancer
What a cute story, Miss Darcey Anne!!!
Re: Santa came to my house
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Santa came to my house

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