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 One Long Night: A Short Story

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Darcey Anne

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PostOne Long Night: A Short Story

Here is a short story that I wrote. 

One Long Night
             by DarceyAnne
    She stood on a small street across from the bus depot.  It was dark out except for the street and traffic lights.  She looked into the the window of the bus terminal spotting a soda vending machine.  She drank from her water bottle because she was thirsty.  The water now tepid from being with her all day.  What she really wanted was to be able to enter the locked doors to buy a soft drink and a snack to better satisfy her thirst and her hunger. 

    The bus she was waiting for would be there in 20 minutes.  Other buses came and went taking their passengers to their destinations.  She wanted her bus to arrive and leave straight away.  She preferred being home relaxing on her plush, soft bed watching her favorite movie of choice for this week.  This week it was a sentimental romance movie that she first saw ages ago.  Next week, it would be another movie of her choosing. 

     Her favorite movies are on a shelf near her bedroom TV along with the DVDs of the TV shows that she collected over the years.  There are certain movies she grew attached to for one reason or another.  She set her movies down in alphabetical order rather than by category.  All the better to find them, she decided a long time back.  Her collection is quiet large these days.  In defense of that, she started to buy them a long time ago.

     In her mind, she scans her bookshelf imbedded in the wooden headboard on her curtained canopy bed.  She is thinking about what book she will read before she closes her eyes for sleep because last night she finished what she had been reading.  She always has to read something before she dozes off.  Her books are a huge comfort to her.  They help her to alleviate the stress of her day.  They take her away to places she can only dream about going.   

     Maybe tonight she will eat a good dinner in exchange of the thought of having tea with toast and jam.  She could eat from one of the take out boxes from her recent delivery.  She did set out a package of ground beef before she left for work.  It is time to feel like doing some cooking.  She began thinking about what she could make.  With some pasta, a cheesy béchamel sauce, some diced onions, sliced garlic along with the ground beef and diced red bell peppers, she could make a delicious mac and cheese.

     The wind rustled her long, dark hair.  It was a good thing she brought her jacket to wear home.  Day times in Autumn can still be warm, but during the night temperatures drop.  The thought of taking out her Winter coat gives her a chill.  It is something that she immediately pushed from her mind.  The four letter S word is not something she will welcome with open arms, rather something that shows up during the Winter months. 

      With longing she looked once more at the vending machine before boarding her city bus to go home. 

~The end~

C. 10-8-16


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One Long Night: A Short Story :: Comments

Re: One Long Night: A Short Story
Post on Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:52 pm by clouddancer
That's nice...sounds like something I would be thinking...

One Long Night: A Short Story

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