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 Sewing, A Lost Art?!

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Darcey Anne

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PostSewing, A Lost Art?!

Hi All!!

    I don't know if sewing is a lost art, but I don't know too many people who sew. I learned how to sew in junior high.  At first we made a sewn by hand stuffed animal.  I made a panda out of 8 circles of various sizes.  It had 2 large circles for the head and body, along with 6 small circles for the ears and paws.  It took me no time at all because it was fun and also because I was very focused.
I made my 8th grade graduation dress and my high school graduation dress.  In between making those dresses, I learned how to make other things.  I learned how to knit, do cross stitch, latch hook which I did for the most part without aid of a pattern.  I have made other craft projects as well.  I like to reuse something bought for one purpose to make it useful for something else once its original purpose is done with.  It is very easy to make a sweater from a sweatshirt, a pencil holder from a juice can and convert empty glitter containers into pushpin and paperclip holders.
     Recently in shopping at thrift store I purchased some fabric.  One of the fabrics was a pastel fabric.  I cut it into 12 squares 18 x 18 inches.  My friend Marian and I sewed the unsewn edges.  In doing this we turned these into 12 napkins.  These will be going to the JD Potluck Remembrance Day in upstate NY. 

     Once I completed all of the sewing projects in my junior high sewing class I was promoted to the cooking class with one student ..ME!!  This of course lead to my adventures in cooking and baking!!

These are the napkins Marian and I sewed together.  7-7-17
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Sewing, A Lost Art?! :: Comments

Re: Sewing, A Lost Art?!
Post on Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:39 am by ctrr03
I sew on occasion so definitely not totally dead

Sewing, A Lost Art?!

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